Sunday, May 10, 2015

Family Budget Software

This software is very useful to manage day to day spendings and monthly income, it is user friendly software which is using latest MySql data bases and latest technology

Here below mentioned step by step guideline how to install software easily and use it very efficiently

This helps you to analyze how much spent in each year in specific item and it could be compared monthly wise

Please see follow instructions to install software

  1. Download set up files (zip file) and supported files from the link below after download unzip it  -
  2. Install Java JDK software where this program is a Java based software, setup file is enclosed with above zip file
  3. Install MySQL setup file, since the records are saved in Mysql data base, you have to run the setup file, it is enclosed with above zip file, when you run the setup file, keep all as defaulted value, when you required to enter user name and password please type as user name as "root" and password as "123", N.B this can't be modified
  4. From the downloaded folder, you will find folder "Mybudgetreport", just copy the folder and paste it to C:\\ drive, N.B save location can't be chased, this will help to get all the budget reports
  5. you can find two folders as "Budget-32bit" & "Budget-64bit", please open and run the setup file based on your machine operating system